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Dar Al Tawakul is a money transfer company registered in United Arab Emirates, United States and other countries and its service broadens round the globe.

This company was proposed by qualified Experts in this field who have played an important role in Somali Money Transfer System despite there are no Central Bank in Somalia since early 1991 who have partnered with the most famous and experienced companies in this field.

Dar al Tawakul expects to be one of the fastest growing International Money Transfer Companies with solutions provided in the world. With a rapid and flourishing expansion to its workforce and customer base, developed strong partnerships, ensuring ‘best quality’.

Dar al Tawakul given wider powers to help Somali people

Dar al Tawakul will be able to help more Somalis who have been affected by war torn country about their banks follow and more amendment terms of reference should be updated.

Previously, money transfer companies served in old system of trust without direct managed financial system that could only assist individual customers who have no other choice, value of their claim was only to follow up by questioning the other part.

The second revision concerns small businesses. They could only help businesses whose annual turnover was unreliable. This figure will increase when international clear system is engaged.

In addition, Dar al Tawakul can now accept complaints involving matters that occurred within the past decade in the Somali Money Transfer companies. Previously, the matter had to have arisen over the past years.

These changes will enable to support more people easy and reliable method. Consumers whose complaints fall outside the jurisdiction of the Dar al Tawakul have to seek Islamic legal advice and pursue costly court action.